We incorporate various cross-cutting areas in all our research and development programs, with the understanding that there are a lot of interactions in the food system, and that the food system has other outcomes in addition to diets and health. Poverty affects actors across various elements of the food system, and reducing it would contribute to the goal of achieving better incomes and a healthier food system. Gender relationships and norms are important drivers of food systems and diets, and our research pays attention to gender equity and aims to address disparities.

In addition, our research aims to inform and guide evidence-based policy making to orient food systems for healthier diets. Food system drivers can be tweaked through policy tools to orient them towards healthier diets. Informing policy making could be achieved through various forms including capacity building, policy dialogues and production of policy-oriented publications. Some of our research focus in these areas include gender disparities in food consumption and nutritional status; and fiscal policies for NCDs prevention.